Hope Baptist Church, Nasedegu. Then and Now.

With great joy I announce today that the building for our church in Nasedegu is completed. The whole construction process has been a rollercoaster, but we were blessed with dedicated men and women from the village who stayed faithful and continued to help through any circumstances.

The first time I told you about the beginning of the work in Nasedegu was back in November 2017. I reported then that during the first week of October we had visited the village again, knocking on doors and culminating everything with the Jesus movie. Soon after that, end of 2017 – beginning of 2018, Nasedegu fell back into the grips of the demonic activities that plague Africa, with people accusing others of vampirism. Several passing vehicles were stoned and it simply became too dangerous to go anymore. At one point someone in the village told us it is not safe for us to go there.

October 2017. Kids were curious to see white people.
October 2017. The Jesus movie, the first movie most people ever saw.

Back in March last year the attendance was low but faithful, numbering 5 adults and a few kids. We met under a tree and I continued to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Light who came into this dark world.

February 2018. Church under a tree.

The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. In May 2018, I wrote an article, titled: “Come and help us!“. Villages like Nasedegu – where there were no Christians and no churches before – are everywhere in Malawi, Africa and in the rest of the world. While we look for comfort, safety and an overall easy life, souls are dying without Christ every single day. May the Lord awaken us.

Later that month, still in May 2018, we had our very first baptism in Nasedegu and 11 people publicly confessed Jesus as their Lord and Savior. There has never been a baptism in this place before and this 11 people were the first to understand and respond to the call of Jesus! Oh what a day that was!!!

May 27, 2018. First ever baptism in Nasedegu.

As the planting of the church in Nasedegu was ongoing, now we needed a church building, a place of worship where the new brothers and sisters in Christ could meet, have fellowship with one another and with God. In October 2018 we officially started the work. Since then, we had ups and downs, many reasons to stop or slow down but we’ve always resumed and, by God’s grace and the help of those who contributed towards this project, we are now finished. Actually, almost finished!

October 2018. Working on the foundation for the new church building.

The story of work in Nasedegu is not over yet, actually most of it is still in the future. This month, Lord willing, we will have the “Official Opening of the Church in Nasedegu”, a special day set aside to dedicate the building and the people to the Lord!

Still in the future, the people will choose a pastor!!! In the future the church will grow!!! In the future there will be another Evangelism!!! In the future there will be more baptisms!!! In the future the church will plant another church!!! In the future…

We don’t know what the future holds, but we know He who holds the future. If He does not come to take us home, the future will always be bright for those who love God and serve Him. I didn’t say always easy, I said always bright.

I often compared the work God is doing with a train traveling to its destination. At times, the Conductor allows us to hop on and be a part of something great! The train will go on and God’s work is going to be done, I guess the only question is if I am with Him or I stayed behind?

Would you consider being a part of God’s work in Malawi? We need prayers, support and help. God bless you.

Below you can see some recent pictures from Nasedegu:

Children’s Ministry.
Women’s Choir.

Hope Baptist Church, Nasedegu.
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