Help us rebuild the church in 7

In the beginning of this month Malawi was hit by some powerful winds and heavy rains. Later on, that strange weather phenomenon developed into what now is known as the Tropical Cyclone “Idai”. Many homes, gardens and some churches collapsed or were severely affected.

Exactly that is the situation with our church in the village of 7 (Seven). In this place, far away from towns and civilization, we have a church of more than 150 members on fire for God. These people love the Lord, love the ministry and can hardly wait for the next Sunday to come so they can meet and praise Jesus.

The building of this church was recently affected and not it poses a danger for our brothers and sisters. I would really love to help them with a new one, made with cement and not mud, with proper burnt bricks and a solid foundation. I want them to have a metal roof and not one made out of dry grass.

We need your help for that. If you can donate any amount, please use the form below, filling in the amount, mode of payment, your first and last names and the email address. At the end, press the “Donate Now” button.

For your convenience, you can also donate using any other means found on the page “Give” or directly via PayPal.

Whatever the amount or whichever mode of payment you use, please know that your help will be truly appreciated and beneficial to our brothers and sisters in the village of 7. May God bless you.

Hope Baptist Church, 7

$530 of $5,000 raised
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Donation Total: $20

Sadly, not only the church has been destroyed but also the only road leading to it, which means at this time I do not have better pictures. This one and the video below were sent to us by our student in the village.

Pictures from the past: In 7, together with a team.
In 7 again, with another team.
Evangelistic Camp.
Evangelistic Camp.
The building was full, with people waiting outside.
Women choir.
Youth group.
On the right, Pastor Ndaona (which means “I see”).
Lady in the church, following in the Bible.
A man in the church, faithful in prayer.
Me with the youth leader in 7.
This is how the church used to look like.
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