Building started in Nasedegu

Last year, in November, I’ve mentioned for the first time about our plans to plant a church in Nasedegu. You can read about it here. Then, for the first time ever in this village, we’ve taken a movie to them. Not just any more, but the Jesus movie! Since then, the work in the village continued, despite some challenges we encounter in the beginning of the year (read about them here).

In May of this year we had the very first baptism!!! (read about it here), where 11 people showed publicly their faith in Jesus and their commitment to follow Him for the rest of their lives. How amazing is this?

Well, today I am happy to let everyone know that we have already started on the building project, not only because a church needs a building, but also because many unchurched people won’t come unless there is one (read about that here). Lord willing, the building should be done in about 1 month or so.

Would you pray for this project? I remind you that there has never been a Christian church in this place before. Even more, many people heard the Gospel for the very first time last year, during the open air Evangelism and the Jesus movie.

Pray for the men working, for strength, wisdom and grace from God. Pray for the church in Nasedegu, so they may continue to be a light in a dark place. Pray for all the lost souls in this village.

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