I wrote about the new church plant in Nasedegu a couple of times (here and here), showing you the beginning of the ministry in this village where the Gospel has never been taken before. The work is progressing slowly and surely and people are hearing more and more about what we do.

Currently we meet at someone’s house. She is a widow and her husband wanted for a long time to have a church in his village. Sadly, he passed away before he could see a missionary starting the work.

Yesterday, Sunday, I was there again. Though we had a small attendance (3 men, 2 ladies, 1 young girl and 1 child), we rejoiced in the promise of the Lord that He will be with us as long as we gather in His Name.

It just came to my attention that more people are interested in what we are doing but they are reluctant to come. Staying on the side and watching us, they’re waiting to see our intentions and whether we are serious or not. Malawian people are very welcoming but, in a remote village like Nasedegu, the villagers will need some time to trust us. Therefore, keep us in your prayers so that our testimony before the people of Nasedegu may continue to be good and pure. Pray God will work in their hearts and more would come and attend our meetings.

Let me remind you that there is no Evangelical Church in this village or the neighboring ones, thus the need for one is so vital. Thank you for your prayers.

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