Hope Baptist Church, Sitima

Today we visited a church in the village of Sitima, where pastor Chinthalo is serving his people. Sitima is located in a remote area, 50 minutes driving distance from town, off the main road, off a dirt road and even off a bicycle path. In many places the grass has overgrown and taken over the little foot path.

Despite the difficulties we encountered on a few occasions, we got there in time this morning and enjoyed a sweet fellowship with God’s people. They were good to us and from the little they have, they made sure we received food at the end of the service. Indeed, we enjoyed the tasty rice and boiled eggs they prepared for us.

The service was great, the Gospel was preached and the Holy Spirit worked and 3 adults and 7 children received Jesus as their personal Savior.

Please be in prayer for those 10, so they remain faithful to the Lord. Also, pray for pastor Chinthalo as he is weak and sick.

To see the location of this church in Malawi, as well as all the other places where we are currently involved in, please visit the following link. You will be able to have a bird’s eye view of the ministry’s influence in Malawi. http://bit.ly/MalawiMinistryLocations.

Hope Baptist Church, Sitima

Our brothers and sisters

Ovi preaching the Word

Jessica & Aimee taking notes

A passerby stopped to listen to the sermon

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