Church plant in Nasedegu

In November last year I’ve posted about Nasedegu for the first time, telling you how in that village we have a very important ministry, that is to plant a new church. Nasedegu is a village where there are no Evangelical Churches and it is surrounded by other villages in the same spiritual need. These people are unreached and they desperately need Jesus.

On one of my first visits there I found the people to be very curious as many of them have never seen a white man before. Even so, we were welcomed by them and by all the local village chiefs and we were given permission to start our ministry.

Since then, we’ve visited them on a few occasions, doing door to door evangelism, open air evangelism, an evangelistic camp and showing of the Jesus movie. Soon after the Jesus movie, Nasedegu fell back into the grips of the demonic activities that plague Africa, with people accusing others of vampirism. Several passing vehicles were stoned and it simply became too dangerous to go anymore. At one point someone in the village told us it is not safe for us to go there.

Many of you prayed for this situation that affected several other places in Malawi and those demonic powers have been restrained so far, giving us the chance to return and proclaim Jesus. Truly, God is the answer in Nasedegu and throughout Malawi and only through His Word and a lot of prayer we can see any change.

My heart’s desire is for the people of Nasedegu to see the light and be saved (Rom. 10:1), so we will be concentrating our Sunday visits to this place, sharing Jesus and preaching the Gospel.

Today we were there and we met under a tree with just 10 people from the village: 5 youth, 2 men and 3 ladies. The rest of us were my family and Stanley’s. There was only 1 Bible brought by the lady who owns the place we were meeting at, and no local knew whether John 3:16 was in the New or the Old Testament. I’m telling you this so you can understand the need and the importance of our work there.

Nasedegu has been Satan’s play ground for too long, pray for us that we may have open doors to take God’s Word.

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  1. This is great work!!! May God give you grace to reach out to more people in Jesus name! You are not alone, Jesus Christ himself is with you.

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