A special day in Muheriwa

Every day in Malawi is special, because every day we have new chances to serve the Lord and serve the people in Malawi in unique and effective ways. When it comes to days like today, a Sunday, the opportunities are even greater as I have the responsibility to open and share the Word of God with the nationals. It is my duty to bring them God’s Word as He leads me to do it, preaching the Gospel to the lost and teaching the Christians to live in a godly manner.

Today my task was harder than usual; a couple of days ago, the pastor from our church in this village (located about 2 hours away from the mission house), called us and told us that life in the village is tough. Nothing new for us, as we are seeing it daily, but this time around, this toughness had a new meaning for him and for us. Pastor Maere told us that his people are dying of starvation and begged us to give them even a little bit of food. Last year we have taken tons of maize to this village, as their gardens were affected by the lack of rains, but the need is still there and is still great. January and February, although being the first two months of 2017, are really the last months of 2016 in many ways; you see, March or April are the two months that mark the beginning of the harvest which, in itself, bring new hope to the people in rural areas. Although in 2017, the Malawian people still suffer due to 2016’s rainy season or lack of it.

One thing I truly appreciate about these people is they also try their best to work and provide for themselves. The pastor, for instance, has gone far away from home to look for daily jobs in order to bring some food home. His family stayed without food many days as he was gone but this seemingly good thing is also damaging them in the future. As he was away, looking for a few dollars every day to feed his family, he wasn’t able to properly take care of the garden. His maize plants are clearly smaller than others, but what choice does a man in his position have? If he takes care of the garden – they die of hunger. If he provides for the family – he ruins his chances for a good harvest.

The food situation is only one of their problems. The other is the water. As you very well know already, these people have to drink water from unsafe places. We have tried 4 times to drill a well for them, and will try once again, but water is so scarce here.

Today it was a special day because the Lord allowed us to help them in ways that truly make a big difference and impact in their lives. We took food with us and water filters donated by someone in the US. For a few more weeks, at least, these people will be taken care of and will have some time to prepare for the next two weeks of tough times. Next month, Lord willing, we may be able to get them some food again, all while praying for a good harvest so that these problems may cease for at least a while.

I mentioned that my task was hard today and that was so because of the message I had to take to them. You see, our water comes from a tap and our fridge is full. More than food, we have snacks, candy and chocolate. We have roof over our heads, good clothes and even vehicles. How can I go to these people and tell them that God is good? How can I tell them that God is fair? How can I tell them to stay faithful, while I’ve never experienced that degree of thirst or hunger?

But I can tell them all that, because it is the truth. You see, in every generation, God was looking for people to walk with Him, to be faithful and obedient DESPITE the state of those times. Noah walked with God and was blameless before the Lord in his generation (Gen 6). About David we read, yet again, that he served God’s purpose in his generation (Acts 13). In every generation God had his people that bore witness about Him, despite the depravity of those nations or the toughness of the times.

Today, in 2017, even if a village like Muheriwa, God is still looking for people to walk with Him, to be faithful and obedient and to bear witness for Christ. Why do we have a church in this village if not for the light of the Gospel to shine bright throughout the village?

My prayer is these people are going home and thinking about these things. As God took care of them, yet again, and provided food and water, I pray they see He wants their hearts, their lives, their plans and their ambitions.

Life is not fair and this world is not fair, but God IS fair. Times are tough and people are suffering because of our sin, but God is good and, through it all, He still holds the reins of the Universe.

That’s the thought that keeps us sane in times like this!

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