Gifts for Christmas

Last month we’ve started to raise money for the orphans in Kachere and Mpyupyu, so they can receive a small gift during this Christmas. To date, almost 70% of the amount needed was raised and we do have some promises for later. Praise the Lord for that and thank each… Continue reading…


Christmas 2018

Gift a Gift of Love

It is almost Christmas, that time of the year when all of us are thinking about family, joy, being with the loved ones and gifts, many gifts. We would like to continue our “tradition” and give some gifts of love to the children of Kachere and Mpyupyu and we need… Continue reading…


Ministry Report: May 24 – June 1

Between May 24 and June 1 we had a mission team from Oklahoma, led by Pastor David, who came over to help us and help the ministry in Malawi. This is a list of activities done during that period of time: May 24 – Arrival at Chileka Airport in Blantyre.… Continue reading…


Water well for Mpyupyu

Imagine your life without access to clean water… Imagine yourself having to wake up early in the morning and walk long distances to the nearest source of water… Imagine the hardships you would have to endure if your access to water was limited solely based on your beliefs… Continue reading…


Ministry updates

Hope for the Future

It has been several months since my last update on this blog. Several factors played a role: time, tiredness, very slow internet, etc, many times all three at the same time. It is now mid-November and we just had our last short term mission team for this year and I… Continue reading…


Roxana: 3 weeks

Hope for the Future Orphan Care & Feeding Centre

It is almost 3 weeks ago when Roxana, our new intern, arrived in Malawi to work with Hope for the Future among the people of Malawi. She’s been through a lot of ups and down (especially downs) but, through it all, she knows God is preparing her for the future.… Continue reading…



Happy New Year, 2017

It is the end of the year, actually it is the very last day of 2016 and, just like almost everybody else, I am also thinking about what we have done and what could’ve been done. More than anything else, we are looking back and counting the so many blessing… Continue reading…


Rugați-vă pentru Siyeni

Dacă ne urmăriți pe Facebook, atunci cu siguranță deja ați aflat de băiatul bolnav pe care l-am găsit în Mpyupyu, băiat care suferă de o boală încă necunoscută care îi afectează calitatea vieții. Siyeni este numele acestui băiat și el este orfan de tată însă fără să exagerăm putem spune… Continue reading…


Crăciun 2015

Timpul trece foarte repede și iată că am ajuns din nou la final de an. Ca de fiecare dată, am pregătit și acum câteva cadouri pentru copiii orfani și echipa cu care lucrăm. Dacă până acum aveam doar satul Kachere, începând din acest an avem și orfalinatul din satul Mpyupyu.… Continue reading…


Biserica Baptistă “Speranța”, Mpyupyu

După o vreme îndelungată de lucru, iată că în sfârșit am terminat noua clădire a bisericii din Mpyupyu. Frații și surorile au lucrat din greu,  iar fiecare a făcut tot ceea ce a știut, chiar dacă de multe ori lucrul a mers încet. Important este finalul, iar finalul este o… Continue reading…