Christmas 2018

Gift a Gift of Love

It is almost Christmas, that time of the year when all of us are thinking about family, joy, being with the loved ones and gifts, many gifts. We would like to continue our “tradition” and give some gifts of love to the children of Kachere and Mpyupyu and we need… Continue reading


Ministry Report: May 24 – June 1

Between May 24 and June 1 we had a mission team from Oklahoma, led by Pastor David, who came over to help us and help the ministry in Malawi. This is a list of activities done during that period of time: May 24 – Arrival at Chileka Airport in Blantyre.… Continue reading


Ministry updates

Hope for the Future

It has been several months since my last update on this blog. Several factors played a role: time, tiredness, very slow internet, etc, many times all three at the same time. It is now mid-November and we just had our last short term mission team for this year and I… Continue reading


We’re building the 3rd School block

Hope for the Future Elementary

It’s late and the house is in a mess, as we are getting ready to fly tomorrow morning, but I do have one amazing news for you all: The 3rd School block is fully funded and the work is underway as you are reading this. As you very well know,… Continue reading


Roxana: 3 weeks

Hope for the Future Orphan Care & Feeding Centre

It is almost 3 weeks ago when Roxana, our new intern, arrived in Malawi to work with Hope for the Future among the people of Malawi. She’s been through a lot of ups and down (especially downs) but, through it all, she knows God is preparing her for the future.… Continue reading



Happy New Year, 2017

It is the end of the year, actually it is the very last day of 2016 and, just like almost everybody else, I am also thinking about what we have done and what could’ve been done. More than anything else, we are looking back and counting the so many blessing… Continue reading


Official Opening & Dedication of Hope for the Future Elementary

Hope for the Future Elementary

Yesterday, December the 7th, we had the Official Opening and Dedication of the Primary School in Kachere, an event highly anticipated by all of us here at Hope for the Future. I have written about the School in Kachere many times and you know how much we prayed for it.… Continue reading


Ready to recruit teachers!

Hope for the Future Elementary School

The building of our Primary School in Kachere is underway and we are now ready to receive the resumes and recruit its new teachers. Lord willing, we will start next month and provide the much needed education for the children of Kachere and surrounding villages. May God be glorified! Continue reading


Walls are going up!

This is just a quick update to let you know that the work in Kachere, at Hope for the Future Elementary School, is going on well. Right now, the walls are being raised and pretty soon we will be ready for the roof. God is good!!! Continue reading


Extending the church in Kachere

Hope Baptist Church in Kachere is the first church that we planted here in Malawi, back in 2010. I remember even now, we started with a handful of people that left a perverted church, seeking to please the Lord despite the ridicule from other people. In Malawi, a church without a… Continue reading