Africa is calling…

The 3 months of furlough have come to an end and, yet again, we have to jump on an airplane and go. This time, though, we’re going home. Africa home! We left Malawi on June 18th and, after almost 40 hours (flights, layovers and driving) we arrived home, in Romania.… Continue reading


BlueZone Ltd. (Malawi) – the real public relations

BlueZone Ltd. (Malawi)

What happens when online retailers makes mistakes in their pricing and customers buy the products? Should they honor the orders or not? If they do honor the order, how will that affect their image? A similar incident happened today with an online retailer in Malawi that sells pumps, solar equipments… Continue reading


Vacation 2016

Every year we are trying to schedule a short vacation with the family, usually right after I return from the States. The weather is perfect for it and we find ourselves to need that time together, especially after the separation and the whole year of work. Nothing is probably as beautiful… Continue reading


Updates on website

Starting with today, September the 3rd, I have started working on a new version on our website. has been unchanged since 2009 and recently, due to different problems experienced, I have decided to heavily modify it. The new look will be better and more informative. It will give you,… Continue reading


De unde au misionarii bani?

Problema banilor în lucrarea misionară este una pe cât de importantă, pe atât de puțin înțeleasă, nu doar de cei care vor să fie misionari, dar mai ales de biserici si membrii acestora. Nu de puține ori am întâlnit frați și surori care aveau impresia că noi, ca și misionari,… Continue reading