Water well for Mpyupyu

Imagine your life without access to clean water… Imagine yourself having to wake up early in the morning and walk long distances to the nearest source of water… Imagine the hardships you would have to endure if your access to water was limited solely based on your beliefs… Continue reading

Ministry updates

Hope for the Future

It has been several months since my last update on this blog. Several factors played a role: time, tiredness, very slow internet, etc, many times all three at the same time. It is now mid-November and we just had our last short term mission team for this year and I… Continue reading

Romania: first impresions

Yes, I am a Romanian and this is my country, but when you return after 3 years of being away, you will definitely notice whatever has changed and you view the entire situation from a different perspective. For starters, life is moving forward with or without you, especially without you.… Continue reading

We’re building the 3rd School block

Hope for the Future Elementary

It’s late and the house is in a mess, as we are getting ready to fly tomorrow morning, but I do have one amazing news for you all: The 3rd School block is fully funded and the work is underway as you are reading this. As you very well know,… Continue reading

Unwanted guests

The past few days have been a little crazier around here, as we had some unwanted guests right before the much expected (and needed) ones. This has happened every year now for a long time and it seems the devil is fighting harder before we have mission teams coming over.… Continue reading

Roxana’s last day in Malawi

Volunteer Hope for the Future

Today is Roxana’s last full day in Malawi and tomorrow, at 15:30, she will be flying out, leaving Africa and the ministry of Hope for the Future where she worked as a volunteer for the past 3 months. Being Sunday, we all went to Kachere, where the church people showed… Continue reading

Hope Baptist Church, Likangala

Hope Baptist Church, Likangala

Today we visited again our church in the village of Likangala and we were blessed to be in fellowship with these sweet Brothers and Sisters of ours and with our Lord. The church service was short because the roof has not been installed yet and the sun was beating down… Continue reading